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    Square cooling tower

  • Model No.:8T-2000T
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 4500 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shanghai /Ningbo /Guangzhou /Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,West Union,Cash
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    KAIFENG Square Cross-flow Type FRP cooling tower water/water cooling towers features:

    The cooling tower is designed to economic and save water, it is a huge advance in the industry. We take Fibre-reinforced plastic as the materials of cooling is light, low noise and high quality. It is widely used in plastic, electronics, food, textile, chemicals, packing industrial and so on.
    Cooling Tower is eco-friendly in design and advanced in technology. It has revamped the parts inside the Cooling tower, with high performance, and the product is widely used in different situations.

    Crossflow cooling tower
    In a crossflow cooling tower, water is falling from above, the air and water are flow in a vertical way. Because heat dissipation material is closed to the collection basin, the advantage is reducing water falling noise. Crossflow type usually used in the square cooling tower, but the structure is fixed with a large amount of iron piece, so it cost higher than around the cooling tower.

    square cooling tower

    Product Name 
    Round Cooling Tower
    Water Distributor
    Cooling tower Fan 
    Special cooling tower motor
    Cooling tower sheet
    Water Base
    Cooling tower Filler
    PVC / PP (Can choose by yourself)
    Nominal Flow
    7.8~392.4 m³/h
    0.18~11 KW
    Motor Series

    Characteristic of cross flow cooling tower

    Simple design.
    Easy maintenance.
    Low noise of water pressure.
    Smaller floor space, more economic benefits for long term use.

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