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    Company Profile
    KAIFENG Plastic Machinery is a professional manufacturer, sales, and service as one of the plastic auxiliary equipment and industrial temperature control of the field of outstanding manufacturing enterprises. It relies on sophisticated manufacturing experience, the implementation of quality control, overall accountability of the management mechanism, and strict implementation of ISO international quality system certification standards to advanced production technology and optimize the human resources, so that KAIFENG Machinery has won the trust and support of the vast number of users, Products are widely used in Plastics, Medicine, Paper, Food, Chemical, Metal Electroplating, Electronics, Optics, DVD Discs, Textiles, Spraying, Magnesium Alloy Die-casting, Rubber, Tires, Extrusion, Civil and other industries preferred equipment. Products are exported to India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries, at the same time for domestic and foreign counterparts to manufacture OEM products.KAIFENG Plastic Machinery, adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality excellence, Service perfect" for the development strategy, to the "integrity and pragmatic, law-abiding operators" for business purposes.In the increasingly competitive, technology with each pa…


    Registered capital of 8 million RMB

    10 years experience in plastic machinery manufacturing

    10 years experience in industrial refrigeration manufacturin…

    Company construction area over 10,000 SQM

    Company according to ISO9001 product quality management requirements, and constantly improve product quality, and hand in the EU CE certification, products in line with the European Union security, health, environmental protection and Consumer Protection, a series of provisions, is about to be sold in the European market. Certifications


    Industrial Water Chillers, Heat Chiller Machine, Plastic Crusher, Mold Temperature Control Machine, Hopper Dryer, Hopper Loader, Mixer and Cooling Towers.

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