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    In the daily use of industrial chillers, what should we do if there is a chiller cooling rate slowing down and cooling efficiency becoming lower? What other factors will cause this problem for the chiller? Today, KAIFENG will take everyone to find out.

    In fact, the factors caused by the lowering of the evaporating temperature of the chiller are generally the following:

    Obstruction of the evaporator pipe: Under normal circumstances, the freon used in the machine and the lubricating oil are mutually soluble, and there is no oil film formation on the heat exchanger, so there is no oil film thermal resistance effect. This problem occurs if additional lubricants cause an imbalance between the two, and the solution is to use the same lubricant product as the original product to prevent oil film formation.

    Industrial chiller

    Air filter plugging: Regularly change the filter to ensure the circulating air volume required by the chiller.

    Dry filter plugging: In order to ensure the normal circulation of the cooling enthalpy, the refrigeration system must be kept clean and dry. If the system has impurities, the drying filter will be blocked, the system will be difficult to supply liquid, and the cooling effect will be affected. Too little refrigerant requires an increase in the amount of Freon added.

    The temperature condition of the chiller evaporator: Under normal circumstances, the outer surface of the evaporator is very cold, and the condensation water droplets are continuously dripped, and the temperature of the inlet and outlet air is relatively large, usually Δt can be 12~14 ° C. Abnormal conditions, the evaporator The surface is not too cool, there is not much dew or condensation, you can hear the sound of the refrigerant flow is very loud, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet is small. The reason is that the refrigerant amount is insufficient, or the expansion valve opening degree is small.

    According to different models, the choice of the evaporator is different, such as box type chiller, using a water tank coil evaporator; open chiller and screw chiller, shell, and tube evaporator; Acid-base chiller, you can choose titanium tube evaporator or stainless steel plate exchanger.

    We now understand that there are still many reasons that affect the cooling rate of chillers. Professional industrial chiller manufacturers remind everyone that it is necessary to do daily maintenance work.


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